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The Know Circuit Interlude: Part 2

Interlude: Part 1

The following is the second part of a transcript from the November 2nd, 2028 early morning broadcast on the Chrono News Network (CNN), presented by Candy Fontaine with the title Breaking News: Boulder Rocked.

(2:02 a.m.) Fontaine: We’re going to take you back to Boulder for an update from Thad Melton of WCAF TV7 in Denver. Thad is currently in a helicopter over Boulder, isn’t that correct, Thad?

Melton: Yes, Candy, I think we’re currently circling the Boulder area. The reason I say ‘think’ is because even our pilot isn’t sure where exactly we are. He tells me that our normal navigational instruments are going haywire. I’m looking at the helicopter’s compass and it’s spinning wildly as if something is interfering with the magnetic field around us. The turbulence is unbelievable.

Fontaine: Thad, can you see the blast site? Is there a fire?

Melton: Candy, I’m not entirely sure what I’m seeing. I apologize for the lack of a video feed. As we began to approach the city limits of Boulder, my cameraman suddenly collapsed into some kind of trance. He’s just mumbling the word Boulder over and over again. I’ll try to grab his camera and… Oh my GOD!

Fontaine: Thad, are you all right? Thad? Are you there?

Melton: Yes, yes, Candy, I’m still here. I just got a glimpse of the blast site. It was hard to see at first because the power seemed to be out all over the city. It’s just an inky blackness below us, no streetlights or signs of buildings or life anywhere. But it’s not a blackout, Candy. Our chopper just got close enough for the lights to reflect off of this… It’s hard to describe. It appears that a dome of some kind is surrounding the city, a shiny, coal-black bubble as far as the eye can see. What’s our altitude, Steve? Candy, we’re hovering around 1,500 feet up, and probably a couple hundred feet below us is this dome. I can’t see any anything through its surface.

Fontaine: Thad, do you have the capability to send us a picture of the dome?

Melton: I’m going to see if my camera is still active. [Sound of muffled fumbling] Yes, Candy, the light is still on. We have a live feed. Joe, are you getting this back at the station? [Picture of Melton appears on screen] Candy, do you have this feed?

Fontaine: Do we have that? Yes, Thad, we’re seeing you clearly.

Melton: Ok, I’m going to turn the camera on the dome. [Little is seen at first. The camera jostles frantically. The helicopter’s running lights blink on and off, reflecting off of a dark, mirror-like surface. The chopper’s main floodlight struggles to find an end to the surface.] I can’t tell for sure, but I think this dome may be covering the entire city. Wait, something’s happening.

[Veins of light begin pulsating through the surface at irregular intervals.] I don’t know if you can see this Candy, but there are tiny streaks of light glowing on the surface. They seem to be blinking in a pattern and building in intensity. I’m straining against the window to see where they are going but they seem to be gathering around a point below us. It’s getting stronger. Wow, it’s getting really bright. Hey, Steve, should we be this close to that? Candy, are you getting this? I can hear a sound now, like a whooshing sound, and it’s getting louder and louder. Oh God. It’s… it’s like lightning on the surface, except it’s an orange color. Steve, I think we should definitely be moving away from that. It’s going to hit… [Loud burst of static as the picture blinks out]

Fontaine: Thad? THAD? My apologies, ladies and gentlemen, we appear to have lost contact with our fellow reporter Thad Melton from WCAF TV7 in Denver as he was investigating the source of the mysterious explosion in Boulder, Colorado. I hope it’s only technical difficulties. As soon as we have more information or can get Thad back on the air, we’ll let you know.

We’ve also begun receiving multiple reports of what appears to be some kind of mass hallucination or seizure. Reports are coming in from Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis, Seattle that people with certain types of cybernetic implants called interface jacks have been struck catatonic. Most of the stricken seem to be mumbling or screaming something about Boulder. What connection this has with the mysterious explosion in Boulder is still to be determined.

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