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The Know Circuit: Interlude: Part 1

November 2, 2028
01:45 a.m.

The following is a transcript from the November 2nd, 2028 early morning broadcast on the Chrono News Network (CNN), presented by Candy Fontaine with the title Breaking News: Boulder Rocked.

(1:45 a.m.) Fontaine: We’re just receiving word in our studios of some kind of explosion or ongoing event in the city of Boulder, Colorado. Early reports are sketchy. Perhaps a gas main has exploded or there’s been some sort of industrial accident. We’re not really sure of the source, or the number of casualties, but eyewitnesses from as far away as Denver are reporting a column of fire stretching hundreds of feet in the air.

(1:48 a.m.) Fontaine: I’ve now been given a bit more information on that explosion in Boulder, Colorado. The apparent epicenter of the explosion is the University of Colorado campus located on the western side of the city. Eyewitnesses have reported a column or plume of fire rising hundreds of feet into the air, lighting up the night sky as bright as day. We have unconfirmed reports, and I want to stress that these are completely uncorroborated reports that the fire took some sort of shape, like a bird or… is this right? A bird or a dragon or something similar. Again, those reports are unconfirmed.

The University of Colorado at Boulder has an enrollment of over 30,000 students, with over 15,000 housed on the campus itself. Again, there’s no word on the number of casualties or the cause.

We’re going to be bringing you video of the incident from the local affiliate in Denver, WCAF TV7, who has a crew on the scene now. Who am I speaking with?

Thad Melton (via cell phone): This is Thad Melton, action reporter with WCAF TV7, Candy.

Fontaine: I understand you have some video to show us, Thad. Can you set the scene?

Melton: Certainly, Candy. It was a typical November night in Colorado, a slight chill in the air with patches of the first snow on the ground. Roughly eleven minutes ago, a roaring explosion broke that stillness. The resultant fireball lit up the night sky for miles around. In fact, I can see the light from here.

Fontaine: And how far is it to Boulder from your location?

Melton: It’s about 28 miles from Boulder to our station and the sky is still lit up. Can you see the light?

Fontaine: Yes, Thad. My God, that’s almost 30 miles away and it’s bright as late afternoon. Thad, have you heard anything about casualties? We’ve been told it came from the University? Can you confirm?

Melton: No, Candy, I can’t confirm its location. We’re firing up our traffic helicopter now to get a better view of the situation. I can confirm that communications into and out of the city have been completely cut off. Cell phones, GlobalNet access, landlines, radio, it’s all gone silent. We’ve made multiple attempts to contact our Boulder offices and some of our employees that live in the city, and so far we cannot get through. [Muffled] Ready… ok, let’s go. Candy, I’m going to have to get back with you, our chopper is ready to take off.

Fontaine: Keep us posted, Thad, and be careful. Again, to update, we have reports of a mysterious explosion in Boulder, Colorado with a massive fireball that has lit up the sky for almost 30 miles around.

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