Sunday, September 26, 2010

A New Direction - Two Degrees to the Left

You may notice a slight difference in the look of the web site today, as well a new title - Tales from the Bridge Chronicles. The reason for the change is a slight shift in the purpose of this web site. In the early days, this site was my main and only source for distribution of the Bridge Chronicles stories, before they were called The Bridge Chronicles. Since I've decided not to release the upcoming novels in the series for free anymore, that leaves this site pretty bereft of new content other than links to reviews of the books. To let this site go entirely to seed, though, would be to waste some great marketing potential.

With that in mind, starting this week, I will update the site with a brand new, free short story once a month. The stories will all be set in the same universe as The Bridge Chronicles, though not all will revolve around or even feature Artemis Bridge. Some of the stories will happen before the events in the most recently-released novel, some during or concurrent with, and some after. I plan to do this up to and after the release of the third novel in the series, if [tribe] =, slated for release sometime in early 2011. You'll probably even see some pieces of that novel here as well. Each story will be prefaced with a paragraph that outlines its place in the Bridge timeline. There will be stories with all new characters, some old friends and enemies, and some characters that appeared in the original series of unpublished novels that take place after the Bridge Chronicles' timeline. The first up will be a story set in the time before the Riots of 2027, even before the U.S. federal government budget collapse that precipitated those riots. Depending on the length of the story, it may be published all in one day, or spread across multiple entries. Once I have stories published, I'll be adding a link at the top to the Tales. After a sufficient amount of stories are published here, I plan to collect them in an eBook only compilation, much like The Bridge Chronicles, Books 1 & 2.

So stick around and enjoy the ever-expanding universe of Artemis Bridge. Thank you for your support!

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