Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Know Circuit Reaches the Second Round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards

The above title says it all. Last month, I entered The Know Circuit in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. The prize for the finalist is a book contract with Penguin Books. To win, the book must go through three stages of review: a 300-word pitch, a 3,000-5,000-word excerpt and then the entire manuscript is reviewed in multiple rounds. Today, Amazon announced the novels that made it through the first round, and my name is on the list. The next round ends March 23, 2010 in which 500 quarterfinalists are picked, and Amazon readers can read excerpts, review them and offer feedback to the Penguin editors who will be choosing the seminfinalists. Should I make it through to that round, I'll need all the help I can get. I'll keep the blog and my Twitter feed posted on the progress of the contest.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it to the 2nd round & All the very best for the future.



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