Friday, November 6, 2009

Interview with Mihir of Fantasy Book Critics

I wanted to drop a small post here pointing everyone over to my first interview as an author! Mihir from Fantasy Book Critics has posted a long interview we conducted via email. I ramble on about the Bridge novels, the Cold War zeitgeist and anything else that came to mind. Head on over and enjoy! And don't forget to buy Under the Amoral Bridge, my first published cyberpunk novel available now on, CreateSpace, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble Ebook Store.

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Anonymous said...

Noche encantada.

Las estrellas,
en la inmensidad
de un cielo
cristalino, pintan
el ritmo de
un sueño silente
y también encantado
como el verso
del sol que
recuerda la rima.

Francesco Sinibaldi


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