Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Campaign 2028: Arturo Soto Campaign Video

Arturo Soto was born into a poor Mexican immigrant family in Los Angeles in 1989, the fifth of seven children. Both his parents were barely educated, struggling to make ends meet in menial, low-paying jobs. His life was changed forever when his older brother was slain in gang violence, forever steering Arturo down the straight and narrow path. Working his way through college by busing tables and working odd jobs, Arturo vowed to make something of himself. He became the first child in his family to graduate college from the University of Southern California in 2012 with a degree in Business Administration. Within five years, he was running his own successful business as a real estate developer. During the riots of 2027, he rose to regional prominence as leader of his neighborhood watch, successfully defending his block from rioters and a corrupt detachment of corporate police attempting to loot the affluent area. Videos of his standoff with the so-called "Corporate Police Brigade" exploded onto the GlobalNet soon after power was restored to Los Angeles. Running as a staunch defender of the working man from corporate exploitation, Arturo Soto has mounted a formidable challenge to corporate-appointed incumbent Oliver Sunderland. The latest polls have the race a dead heat going into the final week of campaigning. Watch the campaign video after the jump.

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