Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Campaign 2028: Mayor Oliver Sunderland's Re-Election Campaign Video

Oliver Sunderland was appointed interim mayor of Los Angeles by the Chronosoft Civil Administration Reconstruction Board in 2027, as part of the Local Governance License agreement which gave the corporation administrative control of Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. According to the agreement, the interim mayor and city council would serve for one year, after which elections would be held to fill these positions as they had been in the past. Mayor Sunderland, a former CEO of a corporate efficiency consulting firm acquired by Chronosoft in 2026, was the LGL board's first choice for mayor, and he immediately declared his intention to seek election as mayor once his interim term was complete. Below is one of his campaign videos, distributed via television, GlobalNet, email and electronic paper fliers all over the Los Angeles area.

Mayor Sunderland was born in Los Angeles in 1971, son of a dock worker and a school teacher. He graduated Sum Cum Laude from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration in 1994, and with a Ph.D. in Business Administration in 2001. He worked his way from the mail room to the board room in the corporate consulting firm Efficienca, Inc., becoming the youngest CEO in the firm's history at the age of 39. His only prior political experience came in an unsuccessful bid for City Council in 2020, but despite the loss, he kept himself firmly connected with local politics. His frequent criticisms of the inefficiencies of government earned his firm a contract with the city in 2024, a contract widely praised for reducing wasteful spending in the city budget. When Efficienca was acquired by Chronosoft in 2026, Sunderland joined the Efficienca Division of Chronosoft Consulting, Inc. in an advisory role, charged with long-range planning for civil administration contracts such as those with the city.

His brief tenure as mayor of the Los Angeles LGL has not been without controversy. Critics of the LGL plan have cited many instances of city contracts being won by Chronosoft splinter companies resulting in conflict of interests and corruption charges. The most notorious example is the city's contract with ChronoTarget, a weapons and law enforcement supplier. Their contract with the Chronosoft Legal Enforcement Department has been rife with allegations of embezzlement and overcharges. His most controversial initiative has been the Relocate Plan, an urban redevelopment project that calls for massive relocation of various "crime-infested" neighborhoods into special free fire zones. The plan has met with great resistance from community leaders, which has left it stalled in council proceedings. Mayor Sunderland's opponent, Arturo Soto, has labeled the Mayor a "tool of corporate greed."

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